Outdoor Fireplace Construction

Charlotte Outdoor Stone Fireplace

One of the hottest trends in backyard living is the outdoor fireplace and Coogan's Design•Build can construct the perfect fireplace for your back yard. Whether you choose to build it near the home or in a remote area of the yard, a glowing fireplace is always a magnet while entertaining. By day these structures provide a beautiful focal point, by night the ambiance of a crackling fire is almost magical. Chilly evenings in the south are the perfect setting to gather with friends around an outdoor fireplace and you will love being able to entertain in your backyard even in the winter months. There are lots of outdoor fireplaces to choose from depending on your dreams and budget, however the source of heat falls into three specific categories: wood burning, gas, and our favorite, the wood burning fireplace with a gas starter. 


Wood Burning FireplacesOutdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Traditional wood burning fireplaces are wonderful. The crackle of flames and the incredible aroma of burning timber add a nostalgia that’s not as easy to achieve with a gas flame and man made logs.

Everyone loves roasting marshmallows over a fire or just sitting close by to feel the warmth.  Although outdoor wood burning fireplaces can be a little more work, there is a satisfaction that comes from building a fire, not to mention the sounds and smell of a real wood burning fire. 


Outdoor Gas Burning Fireplace Design

Gas Burning Fireplaces

Though wood burning fireplaces can add a campfire atmosphere, a gas burning unit can be a great choice for people who want a fire but without any mess or work.  Gas logs provide beautiful flickering flames but without the work and need to clean.

People love the easy maintenance and the fact that gas logs can easily be started with the push of a button. This type fire can also be quickly adjusted from 'burning embers' to roaring flames.



Woodburning Outdoor Fireplace with Gas Starter

Wood Burning Fireplace with Gas Starter

For people who love the smell and look of burning logs, but don't want to spend the time it takes to get a fire blazing, a wood burning fireplace with gas logs could be the best option and  Coogan's can easily build a fireplace that includes a gas starter. This option provides all the beauty of a fire made with wood logs but  with the convenience of a gas burning unit.  



Outdoor Stone Fireplace





Fireplace Size and Style:

When it comes to size and style of an outdoor fireplace Coogan's DesignBuild has endless designs and materials to choose from.  From a tiny stone fireplace nestled on a patio, to a large brick curved fireplace that incorporates seating walls, wood storage and even a pizza oven.  Call Coogan's DesignBuild and we can meet with you to plan the perfect fireplace for your backyard setting.






Fireplace Materials

The right material for your new outdoor fireplace is important and should be chosen to perfectly compliment and blend with the feel of your existing home and backyard surroundings. Coogan's has an assortment of beautiful hardscape material to choose from and our designer can help you find exactly what you want. This handsome stone fireplace is flanked by hearthside seating and is one of our most popular fireplace materials.








This natural stone fireplace provides a spectacular attraction at the far side of a pool. Fireplace is constructed with a gas starter and wood logs. Curved seating adds additional space to relax with views of nearby pool.

Outdoor Fireplace with Pool


The extended walls and hearth of this fireplace seem to embrace visitors. Outside feels like in with this stone fireplace and beautiful upholstered furnishings.


This stately brick fireplace brings traditional style and beauty
to outdoor entertainment.
The beauty of this classic custom brick fireplace, complete with potted flowers and ceramic roosters, creates a fantastic focal feature for this backyard entertaining area.


Are you thinking of adding an outdoor fireplace? Visit our fireplace gallery for inspiration or Contact Coogan's for a complimentary consultation. We make fireplace construction easy!