Pool Houses, Covered Porches, & Cabanas


A pool house, covered porch or cabana is functional addition to the back yard, and there are many great reasons home owners are choosing to invest in them. An outdoor covered structure will not only increase your home's value, but it can take entertaining to a whole new level. When things warm up it's great to be able to take the party out of the house and into the backyard. With good planning, everything needed will be at reach so guests will not have to go into the home to get drinks, food or to use the restroom.





Many people are requesting bedrooms with the addition of their pool house. This means guests can visit in luxurious surroundings by the pool and it allows the homeowner to retain some privacy.  

The addition of a pool house, covered porch or cabana offer the benefit of off season storage for outdoor furniture and accessories. Things not used in the winter can be conveniently tucked away there until it is needed again.

View a photo gallery of some of our Charlotte area custom Pool Houses & Porches.